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Dol Hearing Lawyer

Receiving a DUI has many consequences, but what many people don’t know is that drinking and driving can also result in a suspended license. Driving is a critical part of most adults’ lives, and losing a liberty you’ve enjoyed for decades can dramatically diminish your life quality.

Although a DUI incurs the automatic suspension of your license, you can choose to contest this action through a DOL hearing. At Russell & Hill, we provide legal guidance for your DOL hearing with the goal of building a strong case to help prevent your license from being suspended.

What is a DOL Hearing?

All drivers that receive a DUI need to understand what happens after the infraction. Whether you’re retained or allowed to go home, you should receive a form from the Department of Licensing (DOL).

As the name indicates, the Department of Licensing is the entity responsible for regulating more than 44 professional permit programs, including driving licenses. And, with every DUI charge, you also get an automatic suspension of at least 60 days from the DOL.

That said, you can use the form you received on the day of the arrest to contests this decision by requesting a DOL hearing. Drivers that receive a DUI have 20 days from the day of their arrest to submit the request either online or through the main, which will prevent license suspension until a verdict is received.

Note that DOL hearings usually cost $375 and payment for this fee needs to be issued at the time of submitting the request, regardless of the channel you choose.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Attorney

DOL hearings are conducted over the phone, but they are not that different than any other appointment in court. At the same time, they usually cover four issues that need to be determined. These are:

  • The DUI test itself
  • Whether or not the officer informed you of your right properly
  • Established the reasonable grounds the officer had to believe you were intoxicated
  • The lawfulness of your arrest

If you don’t file a DOL hearing request, you are essentially accepting the suspension of your license for at least 60 days. This can pose a myriad of new challenges and even increase your expenditures for at least two months. Having a reliable DOL attorney may help avoid suspension and even uncover new evidence that can be used in the criminal part of your DUI.

Preparing for Your Hearing

Losing your driving license can be extremely difficult, especially if you use it to commute or for commercial purposes. Not only should you hire a professional attorney, but you also need to prepare yourself even if you’re not participating in the hearing.

Although we do everything that is within our power to build a winning defense, having your full support can make a huge difference. To prepare for your DOL hearing, we suggest you:

Get a Reliable Legal Advisor

The first thing you have to do is find a dependable firm that can handle your DOL hearing. You should invest time into reading reviews and investigating your attorney’s record. At Russell & Hill, we have years of experience handling DOL hearings and a great success rate when it comes to maintaining our client’s freedom to drive legally.

Do Your Research

Even if you won’t be present for your hearing, you should work closely with our attorneys and understand the plan of action. It will give you the peace of mind that we are using the best strategies. Not only this, but it will also allow you to set the right expectations for the hearing.

Collect All Pieces of Evidence

After filing a DOL hearing request, you’ll receive a packet with the police report along with any other pieces of evidence that will be used against you. Similarly, you should collect all pieces of information that can help you build a strong case.

Our attorneys can help collect evidence, but you should inform our team if you have access to additional evidence. This includes eyewitnesses, situational details, and possible points that can be touched during the officer’s cross-examination.

Finding a Seasoned DOL Attorney

Requesting a DOL hearing is imperative for every DUI case. Our team of attorneys has mastery of all the information and legal resources required to build a solid case. At Russell & Hill, we do whatever it takes to improve your chances of success and avoid an interruption of your license at all costs.

Get in touch with us by visiting one of our offices, by filling out our online contact form, or by giving us a call today!

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