Posted on : January 6, 2021Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : Car Accident

Personal Injury Protection, or PIP as it is commonly known, is a part of your personal auto policy that provides you certain monetary benefits after you’ve been in an auto accident. Three major benefits of PIP are: It can help pay for medical bills, It can help with covering a portion of your lost wages, […]

Posted on : December 18, 2020Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : Car Accident

When we are on the road, we expect that the other drivers around us are obeying the road rules and being safe. We might have our children in the backseat, or we are driving our parents to their next doctor’s appointment. Some drivers do not adhere to the rules of the road and make terrible […]

Posted on : November 12, 2020Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : Car Accident

This is the season to visit family. More people choose to drive to reduce their contact with other people because of the coronavirus – more people driving means more people on the road. As the weather gets colder, it could mean worse driving conditions. Combine all those factors, and this season may seem like a […]

Posted on : October 27, 2020Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : Dog Bite

Most people, especially in the State of Washington are dog lovers whether they currently own one or not.  However, if a dog is not properly restrained, trained, maintained, or handled by its owner, it can be very dangerous, including death. In fact, according to, 2019 recorded 48 fatal dog attacks, the highest recorded in […]

Posted on : September 30, 2020Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : Pedestrian Accident

Most people associate whiplash injuries with drivers and passengers inside vehicles involved in car accidents. However, traditional vehicle accidents are not the only way the victims can sustain whiplash injuries. This type of injury can also affect pedestrians and bicyclists involved in accidents. At Russell & Hill, PLLC, our Spokane pedestrian accident attorneys want to […]

Posted on : September 14, 2020Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : Zantac Recall

At Russell & Hill, PLLC, we have discussed the risks concerning Zantac and over-the-counter ranitidine medications in the past. Over the last year, both prescription and over-the-counter Zantac have been removed from store shelves and subsequently recalled. Now, investigators with the federal government are looking into whether or not two drug makers knew about probable […]

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