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Spokane car crash accident attorneys represent car accident injury victims who have sustained injuries and damages in car accidents. Our attorneys understand how difficult car accident injuries and damages can be for victims and their families and they also know that unreasonable insurance companies can make the aftermath of a car accident even more difficult and stressful. Attorneys at Russell and Hill, PLLC are insurance negotiation experts and advocates for those who have been injured in car accidents. Our attorneys will never encourage quick insurance settlements that do not fairly compensate our clients.

Car crash investigation

An attorney’s car crash investigation is a critical component in building an injured party’s case. A strong case is important in order to secure a full recovery from the insurance company or from a jury award when going to trial is necessary. Accident investigations involve reviewing police reports and witness statements, interviewing witnesses, and looking for any additional witnesses. Attorneys will often hire experts to help prove their claims such as accident reconstruction and property damage experts. Medical experts are also important for helping to prove plaintiffs’ injuries and long term outlook.

Accident compensation

It is impossible to place a value on a car accident claim without first conducting an investigation and reviewing medical records and related documents. There are many factors involved in placing a value on someone’s car accident injuries and damages. See below for some of those important factors.

  • The extent of injuries sustained in the accident and the impact that those injuries have on the injury victim. Important facts include whether or not injuries are debilitating, if injuries are significant and require a long recovery, and if the injured person endured serious pain and suffering during recovery.
  • Medical expenses also affect the value of the claim and so does any anticipated future medical care related to the accident injuries.
  • When work is missed due to accident injuries, lost wages will be added into the claim.
  • Compensation for injuries that prevent a return to work or for injuries that limit earning capacity may increase the accident claim’s value.
  • Property damage is also considered, especially when an automobile is damaged beyond repair.
  • Comparative fault impacts a car accident claim value as well. An injured party will not be prevented from a financial recovery just because he or she was partially at fault in an accident. In Washington, when plaintiffs are partly at fault for accidents, they will be apportioned a percentage of fault and their claim will be reduced by their share of fault.

Car accident attorneys

Car accidents and resulting injuries can be incredibly difficult and stressful for injury victims and their families, especially when finances get tight due to medical bills, automobile damage, and missed work because of injuries. Our attorneys are here to help. While you work on  your physical recovery, they will work on your financial recovery. Contact a Spokane car crash accident attorney at Russell & Hill, PLLC to schedule a consultation. We will review your claim and discuss potential recovery options.

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