Brittney Paisley

“I was very pleased with the service Matt and his office staff at Russell & Hill Attorney at Law. They really helped me get through the complications that come with car accidents and the obstacles that come with insurance companies. The staff was very professional and stayed on top of my medical bills and settlement. They helped ensure I felt medically better before settling my claim. They took the worry out of dealing with the insurance claim and ensured I was satisfied with their service and with my claim. I would definitely recommend Russell & Hill if you need a personal injury lawyer.”

- Brittney Paisley

Good morning Mr. Russell.

“I am so grateful to you, and to Mr. Hill also, for taking my case and following it through to the end. Thank you for helping me get the benefits I need and deserve. I still sometimes can’t believe it’s all over now and with such an awesome outcome. I was honestly ready to dig my heels in for the long haul. I didn’t realize, until the day I got my letter from the judge, just how much all of this ordeal had consumed me. I can’t even begin to describe to you how much easier it is for Steve & I to breathe now. An amazing weight has been lifted off of us. It feels like a huge triumph. I’m not able to put into words to thank you enough.

We just received my back paycheck. I know it says that the money was already taken out to pay for you for your services. But I need to check with you to be positive.

Again, thank you so much for all your hard work and time that you and your staff put into my case and helping me for the past almost 2 years to achieve the favorable decision I finally got.”


“After my accident, I had seen an attorney and it just wasn’t working out for us. Then, I heard the advertisement for Russell and Hill and when I did go in to meet Matt Russell, I was very confident that he would be the type of attorney that I would like to work with. And we decided to settle at that time. I’ve been very pleased with what Matt has done for me.”

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- Margaret Harrington

“I am a Canadian citizen. When I was injured in Washington state, I turned to Brandon at Russell & Hill to help with my claim. He was willing to take on my case and knew the unique difficulties of cross-border claims. The team at Russell & Hill knew how to deal with insurance issues arising from British Columbia like the Ministry of Health and ICBC. They knew how to properly prepare a case involving medical treatment in Canada. They listened to my needs and were able to negotiate a settlement of my claim without the need for a lawsuit. My experience with Brandon and the team at Russell & Hill was excellent. I highly recommend them to anyone in Canada who is injured in the United States.”

- Gabrielle Riess

“My husband and I had a particular legal matter, after numerous calls out to some very top rated attorneys and no return phone calls back within about a week and a half, I contacted Russell and Hill, heard back from Jim Hill that exact day. He took on the case and we won he answered every single email promptly. He was absolutely amazing I would highly recommend him to anybody.”

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- Sonia

“My wife and I had some legal issues that we could not find help for, we reached out to other attorneys but we could not even get a response and then we called Russell and Hill, they returned all of my phone calls, all of my emails and made me feel like I was their only client and we won the case. Based on my experience I can highly recommend Russell and Hill to anyone.”

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- Steve

“Great Experience using Russell and Hill to represent me while dealing with my injury claim.Matt Russell is an excellent attorney. I am more than satisfied with his services and his personality..He completely handled all aspects of the case from case management, to doctors, to getting medical bills reduced etc…As far as Matt Russel goes you are in good hands and I would recommend him highly.”

- Viktor G.

“I had a Great Experience using Russell and Hill to represent me while dealing with my injury claim. Matt Russell and his staff went to bat for me with the insurance companies so that I could focus on getting well after my accident. The communication, advice, and counseling I received were excellent from beginning to end. The process is slow and can take some time, however in the end Matt did everything he could do to ensure that got the maximum for my claim. Strongly recommend. My experience was fantastic.”

- Jim G.

“Russell & Hill is an excellent personal injury attorney. Everybody in their office saw to my every need and worked hard to get the settlement I deserved. I recommend them to anybody that wants an attorney about each client, and will do everything within the law to achieve the goal.”

- Joe M.

“When I first moved to Washington I was rearended and sustained a severe neck injury not knowing what my rights were or what I was entitled to in regards to helping with my medical bills I reached out Russell & Hill out of Everett and Jim quickly began working with me to ensure that my family was taken care of. This law firm has gone above and beyond in my opinion and I highly recommend them to anyone that needs legal help in mediating a legal case with a large company or small insurance company. Thanks Jim, you and your team, rock!!”

- Santiago F.

“When my car accident happened I didn’t think there was any reason to get an attorney. I waited a long time and did my best to deal with everything myself. But as my medical bills starting piling up and my PIP ran out, I just couldn’t keep track of everything anymore. I was afraid that if I tried I might miss something and then I’d end up owing medical bills down the road. The day I called Russell & Hill was the day all of that stress evaporated for me.

They were professional and friendly, they explained everything clearly, answered all of my questions, and made sure I understood my case. They gave me valuable input and advice before I even signed with them. And once I decided to go with their firm, I never had to deal with the hassle of talking to the insurance companies or any of the medical bills anymore. It made the whole process so much easier. I didn’t need to worry about a thing because they had it all covered.

In the end, they were able to get me a settlement that exceeded any expectations I ever had. The only thing I regret is not calling them sooner. When you’re in an auto accident (no matter how big or small) and are injured, you need to be able to focus on healing and getting yourself better. Russell & Hill allowed me to do this. Matt Russell worked his butt off for me and I am eternally grateful for all his hard work. Thank you so very much Matt!”

- Kathryn J.
Edith S.-Thomas Barger

“When I knew it was time to file for disability benefits, I didn’t know where to turn for help. I had heard horror stories from various sources regarding time, effort, frustration and eventual denial from Social Security. I was apprehensive to say the least. I saw an advert on the internet for Russell & Hill so I decided to call, just to ask a few questions. It was very apparent that this firm was highly experienced in handling SSDI claims.”

- Edith S. Barger
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