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“Michelle, at Russell and Hill handled my case. She was very encouraging when I thought there was no chance because my case wasn’t a physical disability. They validated me when I was so doubtful. They handled my case very quickly and professionally. I would DEFINITELY recommend them and will DEFINITELY use their services again. Their fees are so minimal compared to what I expected. I am VERY pleased with their services”

- Patricia Hutchins

“I’m very pleased with Laura Dorey’s services and professionalism while representing my SSI case . I’m also very impressed by her determination and outcome of my case I highly recommend her to anyone needing a very good attorney in their case.”

- David G. Walla Walla, WA

“Thanks for all your hard work in getting me a favorable decision. Also, thank you to you and your staff for always keeping me informed on the progress of my case and answering all of my questions to make me feel more at ease.”

- Laurence Nash

“After enduring 5 years of declining health and income I contacted Russell and Hill. Bonnie Morrissey was wonderful in her handling of the situation and today I can breath easy for the first time in years as I received my first check. Thank you Bonnie!”

- Frank L Bender

“Bonnie Morrissey of Russell & Hill helped me to understand what I could expect to experience with Social Security disability process. After the 2nd denial, Russell & Hill submitted the appeal for round 3 and they obviously did an exceptional job – I was approved at least a year earlier than most would expect. Now every case is different of course, but I fully believe our success was due to their knowledge and experience with Social Security processes and requirements. I would definitely tell all my family and friends that if they require disability attorney’s to talk first with Russell & Hill. Also, Bonnie Morrissey who works there provides answers to all my questions and really has a lot of patience. I did get frustrated a few times but knowing that what I was experiencing was normal for all applicants to experience made it easier to relax. I know my case was in very capable hands with Russell & Hill. A really big THANK YOU ALL!!!”

- Sandra Collis

“Russell & Hill helped in securing Social Security Disability monthly checks from the US social security administration. They made the process easy and within 6 months I received my entitlement. Russel & Hill had me fill out the SSAN application, they walked me through it making the forms understandable, I had a few questions about some of the terms on the forms from SSA and they were able to direct me in understanding them. Russel & Hill reviewed my application typed it out had me verify it and apply. All over my computer and the phone. I never had to go to their office but they were only a phone call away for help. With Russell & Hill walking me through everything and being there for any questions I felt confident that I had submitted everything correctly. What a relief in knowing that I had all their experience and knowledge guiding me. I highly recommend Russel & Hill Attorneys at Law.”

- Charles Thayne Vrooman

“I just want to Thank, Sarah Coffey and Russell Hill for taking my case and winning on my behalf.”

- Lynda Loney

“Russell and Hill agreed to represent me in filing for Social Security Disability, they were extremely quick to answer my initial inquiry, contact me to do the phone interview and get the paperwork started. Russell and Hill have kept me appraised of the progress on the case and were always prompt to answer questions and submitting documents was very simple. Their professionalism and handling of my case resulted in very positive results in a reasonable amount of time. I am very pleased with the outcome and being able to work with such an outstanding firm.”

- Robert W Thomson

“First off, I’d be a disgrace to the State of Washington not to say, “We are the champions!” A team that deserved to be the winners of the Super Bowl. These men proved to the world that if you believe in something and you work hard for it, you will succeed. And that is also true for my “team” at Russell and Hill. It was a long journey, one that at times gave me hope we would win the government over and other times when I just felt like giving up as individuals out there, without meeting face to face with you, can judge you capable of playing football when one can barely leave the house. I am chronically ill with five non-curable diseases/illnesses and each time my team sent my claim in, I was told I could play ball.

Sarah C., my case manager, has the patience of a saint. I would call often, send off more and more medical records, have her request more medical records and not once did she complain. When my third or fourth claim was rejected, poor Michael T. got the brunt end of the stick. I wasn’t angry with the law firm, but with the government and I expressed my opinion to him. Thank goodness he was there to listen as my attorney was leaving and I needed to be reassigned. He took my five inch thick file and reviewed it and I was now the client of Sarah W. She took my final claim to the federal court. When I received the phone call from her saying I was denied, it is interesting, I wasn’t actually upset. It is as if I knew what the outcome would be. Very typical of our government. But she had some good news and that was that because I turned 55 earlier in the year, it is written in Social Security’s rules that once a person turns 55, is deemed disabled and not able to do the last job they had, you basically qualify for disability. I believe Sarah filed in June and in December the only way we found out that I was approved was the three months back pay I received in my bank account. My attorney, Sarah, threw the final touchdown and we won the game. *big grin*

I cannot begin to express my appreciation to all the people at Russell and Hill for the work they did on my case for over three years. Not one complaint from them, always positive and willing to help you out in any way that they can. They are true professionals and will go the extra mile to make sure their client is their number one priority. I would most definitely refer them to others seeking out disability. They are my champions!!!! Thank you and God bless you all in your future endeavors.”

- Toni Lepley

“I came to Russell and Hill without much expectation of getting any help, but just to ask if I would qualify for my social security. I have been an Emergency Room and Intensive Care nurse, and nurse manager for the last 30 years. Over the last 15 years I have had increasing limits with my mobility due to arthritis. My work ethics have kept me from applying for help, but I finally came to the point where I had to.

The people at Russell and Hill were so personal, nonjudgemental, and kind in helping me through this process. I really appreciate their professionalism and the results. Within 4 months I went from not even having a medical diagnosis to having a team of specialists for support, necessary surgeries scheduled, medical insurance , and the approval of SSA retirement-disability.

Thank you so much for helping me to ask for help!
And a special thanks to Lindsay Gray who worked so diligently on my behalf.”

- Marsenia JoEllen Wilkus

“I was so impressed with the professionalism and compassion that Sarah and Laura handled my case. I am sure there were others as well that deserve a thank you, but these two individuals I remember the most. Sarah was always there whenever I had a question or something new to report. I had so many hospitalizations, but she never treated me with anything but respect, and did not seem to mind all the work those illnesses created. Laura was fabulous in court! She calmed my nerves, answered all my questions and most important of all, did not judge me. So many people judge you when they find out you are trying to get disability, especially if they cannot see all the health problems. I never once felt that from anybody at Russell and Hill.

Great job everyone and thanks again for helping to turn my life around!”

- renee killian

“Thank you Sarah Coffey for all of your help and work! I could not have completed the social security disability application and gone through the appeal process without your guidance.”

- Craig D. Pearson
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