Russell & Hill, PLLC

Dear Jim,

“I want to thank you for helping me win my Social Security case, despite that I gave you only a short amount of time to prepare. I was thoroughly impressed by your expertise in the courtroom. You and your staff truly made me feel at ease throughout the entire process.”



“Thanks for being a great lawyer and treating me with so much respect. I was very relieved by how reasonable your fees were and how courteous your staff was to me.”

- TIM P.

Dear Matt,

“You are the best of the best! Thank you so much to you and your amazing staff for all the help, I will never forget it!”



“Thank you for helping me obtain my disability benefits. You really knew what you were doing and I am very grateful!”


Dear Matt,

“You did a great job with my case, but I also appreciate how you treated me like a friend instead of just a client. I feel like I’ve known you for years and you have become someone I can really trust. Thanks!”


Dear Jim,

“Thank you so much for the work you did on my case. It is such a relief and a financial weight lifted from me. It would not have been possible without your hard work and tenacity. I was pleasantly surprised that a decision was made without me having to appear before an Administrative Law Judge. Thank you again.”


“After 10 years of employment, a bachelors and masters degree, I lost my professional career due to a brain tumor removal. Mr. Matt Russell immediately returned my phone call and provided excellent advice helping me with disability questions. With Matt’s assistance and a positive attitude, I was informed about the best choices in my case. Besides his concern and professionalism, Matt’s positive attitude took away all my worries and stress. besides, Matt also informed me I could call anytime for to answer any questions. I highly recommend Matt for any assistance regarding disability. Thank you Matt for all your concern, advice and kindness.”


Dear Matt,
“Thank you for your help and services that you and your office has provided me in getting my claim of disability granted. I have been suffering from a lot of pain and depression for a long time, result in an inability to work. Your timely manner help resulted in getting my claim a lot sooner than I accepted. It’s been a great pleasure to have you as my Attorney. Once again thanks to you and your office crew for the assistance. God bless you.”


“She (Ms. Light; her case manager) made the process go very quickly and kept me apprised of the situation. She contacted Social Security on a regular basis and requested that they expedite the matter. Due to her quick response to our problem and persistence we received the money due me in just a matter of weeks, rather than months, and saved our home. I would work with your company and Ms. Light anytime. Ms. Light is excellent.”


“Matt, You and God had my back and I am eternally grateful for the dedication, kindness and help you have given to me. Thank you again and tonight when you go home tell your wife she was blessed with a good man and somebody else noticed!!!!”


“I am very happy how Laura handled everything. I was very impressed with how she did things. I would recommend Laura and Russell and Hill to anyone. Thank you very much for everything.”

- Brian Fitzpaktrick
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