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“I feel compelled to write this to Mr. Matt Russell because he needs to receive a big THANK YOU from me and my family as well. When I had totally given up on what I had believed an impossible situation, Mr. Russell never did. He simply asked my permission to continue pursuing this very difficult and delicate case that had really discouraged and emotionally emptied us. Mr. Russell really fought the battle for us. Mr. Russell continued to deal with me with very gentle candor. Mr. Russell took the time to read and study every word, this took many hours. He allowed me to retain my dignity and always treated me with the utmost of respect. He genuinely is a very caring and outstanding person. I Caringly and Respectfully Thank You Matt Russell.”


“5 Stars (5/5) – This firm did an absolute wonderful job for me in my disability case. They gave me straight forward answers to very difficult questions, guiding me through a very difficult process with excellent results. Even after being denied, Jim Hill pled my case and did extensive foot work which ended in me winning my case instead of having to settle for what was offered by the judge. These are 5 star lawyers in my book!”



“I think you are TERRIFIC! You’ve helped me to survive my future. My unemployment ran out. My savings is GONE! Now, thanks to you, I can keep a roof over my head. I can live with dignity! I no longer have to live in fear of what I’m going to do to survive. I was afraid I was going to have to move into my (compact) car! Which I could no longer afford to register, or insure. Which would’ve put me on the street! I just can’t thank you enough!”


“I am very grateful to Callie and Mike for all their hard work on my case. I will refer anyone who is considering applying for disability to Russell & Hill. Thank you for all your help!”


“Bonnie, Thank you so so very much….we needed some good news desperately, he is in serious decline.

This should be a Godsend to help him get some medical help…You have been exemplary and patient and beyond an amazing help to him, more than you know.

Thank you from all of us, with total appreciation.”


“Mr Hill, recently represented me on my case for disability. He went through everything with me before my case was heard. He told me what to expect and what questions were to be asked. I am pleased to say we won my case, I would recommend Mr Hill’s law firm to anyone! Thank you.”


“I wanted to take a moment to commend Ms. Martha Boden. As my attorney for my SS Disability case, she took a nerve-wracking situation and made it much more comfortable. She was knowledgeable about my conditions and knew what kind of pain or trouble they caused me. She was very caring and explained the process to me very thoroughly. I went into my hearing knowing exactly what to expect. As you can imagine, that went very far to ease my nerves. Thank you, Ms. Boden. If I ever have a chance to refer you, I will.”


Hi Callie,

“I just wanted to thank everyone at Russell and Hill for allowing me to get the benefits I deserved. I will highly recommend your firm to others needing services.”


“We wanted to take a moment to say a simple thank you to you and everyone in your office. It has been a difficult two years and we are not really sure what took place Monday, but it is the first time we felt like someone cared about Walt’s health issues. Please pass on to Matt how grateful we are for his ability in the court room and with the Judge.

As we walked to our car, we both said how happy we were to be able to help our son who has been fighting cancer for eight years. Please also know how sorry I am that Walk didn’t answer several of the letters that you sent to him. Part of his depression and illness, but not knowing this I am sure he seemed difficult. Thanks for your patience and all the hours of work you put in to help him.”


Dear Jim,

“Carol and I don’t know how to thank you for your efforts on her behalf. At a time when the walls were closing in for us and the country, you can’t imagine how thrilled we were to open today’s mail and find conformation that the deposit in Carol’s account was not a bank error. I don’t know how you pulled it off with out a long wait for a hearing. We are indebted to you and you can be sure we will be shouting your praise to all who may need your assistance… we are not sure when we will get across the state, but please allow us to meet you and buy lunch when we do.”

Thanks again.

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