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“My husband and I had a particular legal matter, after numerous calls out to some very top rated attorneys and no return phone calls back within about a week and a half, I contacted Russell and Hill, heard back from Jim Hill that exact day. He took on the case and we won he answered every single email in a timely manner. He was absolutely amazing I would highly recommend him to anybody.”

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- Sonia

“My wife and I had some legal issues that we could not find help for, we reached out to other attorneys but we could not even get a response and then we called Russell and Hill, they returned all of my phone calls, all of my emails and made me feel like I was their only client and we won the case. Based on my experience I can highly recommend Russell and Hill to anyone.”

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- Steve

“I am a Canadian citizen. When I was injured in Washington state, I turned to Brandon at Russell & Hill to help with my claim. He was willing to take on my case and had knowledge of the unique difficulties of cross-border claims. The team at Russell & Hill knew how to deal with insurance issues arising from British Columbia like the Ministry of Health and ICBC. They knew how to properly prepare a case involving medical treatment in Canada. They listened to my needs and were able to negotiate a settlement of my claim without the need for a lawsuit. My experience with Brandon and the team at Russell & Hill was excellent. I highly recommend them to anyone in Canada who is injured in the United States.”

- Gabrielle Riess
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