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Everett Spokane Seattle

Building your own home is part of the American dream, but when your dream home has a major construction defect, it can become somewhat of a nightmare. Defects in construction are not just disappointing—they also lower the value of your home, which is particularly unnerving after you’ve sunk a lot of money into it to begin with. Some defects may even make your home unsafe for occupancy. A construction defect claim can help you recoup your losses and hold the responsible party accountable for your damages. Our Tacoma construction defect attorney can help you weigh your legal options and determine the best course of action in remedying the situation.

What constitutes a construction defect?

A construction defect is, as the name suggests, a defect in your home’s construction that detracts from your enjoyment of your living space. Some construction defects are noticeable right away—patent defects—that can be easily discovered either by you or a home inspector. Others are more difficult to ascertain because they don’t crop up right away but are caused by a defect in construction, even if they take several years to become apparent to a home inspector. These are known as latent defects. Construction defects can arise from:

  • Defective designs. Engineers and architects can be held liable when the design of a home is defective. Some problems that arises from design defects include inadequate structural support, poor drainage, intrusion, and water penetration.
  • Defective or inferior building materials. Significant issues can crop up when shoddy materials are used in a home construction. Manufacturing defects in drywall, particle board, shingles, building paper, flashing and other materials can fail, even when installed properly and particularly when used in moisture-prone areas of the home, like the bathroom or the laundry area.
  • Defects in construction. Contractors may find themselves liable if their work is of poor quality. The list of potential workmanship defects is exhausting, but some problems seen due to poor construction include plumbing leaks, mechanical issues, electrical issues, wood that dry rots, cracks in walls, and infestation of pests.
  • Defects in subsurface. Defects in the subsurface where the home is constructed can lead to major failure of the foundation and resulting cracked floor slabs and other problems. Without a proper foundation, the home improperly settles or the structure may shift or move.

Defects in construction can result in colossal damage, especially those defects that go unseen for extensive periods of time. Because not all construction defects are noticeable immediately, it can complicate the question of liability and lead to liability disputes when the problem is unearthed. Most lawsuits are based on breach of contract, negligence and strict liability. If the builder provides a warranty, then you may be able to sue under the premise of breach of warranty.

Consulting a Tacoma Construction Defect Attorney

Because the statute of limitations in Washington limits the amount of time you have to bring a construction defect claim, be sure to discuss your situation with your attorney as soon as possible after discovering the defect. Arrange a no-obligation consultation with our Tacoma construction defect attorney now.

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