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Your home is undoubtedly your biggest investment, and any construction defect detracts from your enjoyment of your home, your most valuable asset. Owning a home is the American dream, but if you’ve ever experienced problems like a crumbling foundation or black mold caused from a defect in construction, you know firsthand how quickly experiencing the American dream can turn into dealing with a homeowner’s nightmare. While small defects may require a simple remedy that you can work out on your own with your contractor, major problems and particularly costly defects may require the assistance of a construction defect attorney experienced in dealing with this type of legal issue. Russell and Hill has a history of helping homeowners go toe to toe with contractors, insurance companies and others who are responsible for defective constructions. Reach out to our legal team as soon as possible once you discover the defect to begin working on a legal strategy to set things right.

Common Defects in Construction

Unfortunately, construction defects happen. Some of the most common construction defects consist of:

  • Structural integrity
  • Expansive soils
  • Water intrusion
  • Mechanical
  • Doors, windows, and glass
  • Thermal and moisture protection
  • Finishes

Courts typically categorize construction defects into one of four categories:

  • Design Deficiencies – Sometimes design professionals – engineers or architects, for example – do not always design their buildings within a specific code. This can result in a design defect such as a roof that leaks or has inadequate structural support.
  • Material Deficiencies – Using inferior building materials often results in significant problems, including leaking windows. Manufacturer problems with building materials can result in a lot of damage.
  • Construction Deficiencies – There’s a long list of defects that can be the result of poor quality workmanship. One example of this is water infiltration through part of the building structure, which creates an environment suitable for mold to grow. Other possible construction deficiencies include cracked foundations or walls, electrical and mechanical problems, dry rotting of wood, plumbing leaks, and pest infestations.
  • Subsurface Deficiencies – Expansive soil is a condition that affects buildings and houses in a number of states. Houses are often built on hills or in other areas where it is nearly impossible to provide a stable foundation, which can result in cracked foundations or floor slabs and other damage to the structure. When subsurface conditions are not equipped for proper drainage, the property will likely experience a myriad of problems, such as improperly settling to the ground, moving or shifting, flooding, or landslides.

Negotiating Your Construction Defect Claim

Once you discover a defect in your home’s construction, you’re likely facing a range of feelings—from outrage to disbelief to fear—and you’re justified in being angry. Holding the responsible party accountable can help you put the whole sordid mess behind you once and for all. Russell and Hill and our compassionate and knowledgeable Kirkland construction defect attorney can help you go up against the responsible party, negotiating on your behalf or even heading to court for you if an amicable solution is not reached. Contact us now to arrange your free case consultation.

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