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Have you been charged with a crime, such as a traffic violation, felony, DUI charge, misdemeanor, or other criminal offense? If you’re located in the surrounding areas of Snohomish, King, or Skagit County of Washington, our attorneys specializing in criminal defense at Russell & Hill, PLLC are here to help you.

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The Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys at Russell and Hill, PLLC

The criminal defense attorneys at Russell & Hill, PLLC have helped resolved hundreds of criminal offense cases in Seattle. Our experience and knowledge of the court systems in King County help our clients get the best results from their court cases. If you have been charged with a crime, or are facing criminal charges of any kind in Seattle or the surrounding areas, it is vital that you must hire a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after your offense has occurred.

Not only will your attorney help you understand and protect your rights as a citizen, we will also build a criminal defense strategy on your behalf. Our attorneys will thoroughly review all physical evidence, police reports, witness statements, and medical reports. This investigation will help our attorneys reveal any violations of your rights, unveil faulty evidence, and point out improper police procedures that may be beneficial to your criminal case.

Seattle Criminal Charges

While our attorneys provide criminal defense service for a variety of charges, some of those that our legal team is most experienced in are as follows:

Criminal Defense Attorneys Seattle WA

If you find yourself facing any of these charges or charges similar in nature to those listed above, our Seattle criminal defense attorneys are available to help you.

Hiring A Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney

Navigating a criminal charge is complex, confusing, and difficult — even for those who are somewhat familiar with the legal field. This type of case requires a criminal defense attorney who is expertly familiar with the local court system, uses excellent communication and negotiating skills, and has years of experience.

This is exactly what the criminal defense attorneys at Russell & Hill, PLLC, Seattle have to offer you. Our attorneys focus on digging deeper into the cases of our clients. We sit down with you, go over your goals and concerns, and help to predict and achieve a desirable outcome for your case. If we accept you as one of our clients, we will execute the handling of your case with in-depth knowledge and precise skill.

This may include hiring investigators, interviewing witnesses, and consulting subject matter experts who may contribute valuable insight or evidence in order to prove innocence or disprove evidence presented by the prosecutor at trial.

How To Prepare For An Initial Meeting With A Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney

Don’t delay when you need the services of a criminal defense lawyer in Seattle or the surrounding areas. While you shouldn’t settle for a lawyer who isn’t qualified to serve your needs, you also shouldn’t wait to begin meeting with lawyers if you’ve been arrested and/or charged with a crime. The sooner a lawyer can begin working on your case, the better.

Before you officially hire an attorney, you can meet with them to review the details of your case. This gives both you and a lawyer the opportunity to determine if you want to work together.

Consider preparing for this meeting by taking the following steps:

  • Drafting a narrative: During your meeting with a Seattle criminal defense attorney, you’ll describe the circumstances under which you were arrested or charged with a crime. It’s important to be accurate and thorough when doing so. Thus, you may draft a narrative of your arrest and bring it with you to your consultation. Refer to this document whenever you feel you may be forgetting important details.
  • Listing the names of witnesses: Are you genuinely innocent of the crime you’ve been accused of? If so, there may be witnesses who can corroborate your alibi. Bring a list of their names and contact details with you to your case evaluation if you have this information on hand.
  • Making a list of questions: It’s very likely you have a lot of questions about your case and the penalties you may be facing right now. Your initial consultation with a lawyer gives you the chance to get answers from a professional.

Mistakes To Avoid After Being Arrested Or Charged With A Crime In Seattle

Making the right decisions after being charged with a crime, such as hiring a qualified Seattle criminal defense attorney, can play a significant role in your case’s outcome. Avoiding certain mistakes and errors can also be very important at this time.

Such mistakes include:

  • Lying to your attorney: Don’t assume you can convince your attorney that you’re innocent of a crime you’ve actually committed. To provide you with the most effective defense possible, your lawyer needs to know you’re being honest with them. Thus, when discussing your case with an attorney, it’s important to tell the truth at all times.
  • Discussing your case: Being arrested and charged with a crime is a stressful experience. It’s natural if you feel the urge to vent about this experience to friends and family members. However, the more you talk about your case, the more you run the risk of accidentally saying something that could be used against you. Guard against this by only talking about your case with your lawyer.
  • Doing too much independent research: If you turn to the internet to learn more about the penalties you might face after being arrested, there’s a chance you’ll come across false information that could cause you unnecessary stress. Remember, whenever you have any questions about the potential outcome of your case, it’s best to speak with your attorney.

Next Steps

The Seattle criminal defense attorneys at Russell & Hill, PLLC will work closely with you and the prosecuting attorney in order to negotiate a plea bargain, and/or possibly eliminate some or all criminal charges that have been laid against you. Our lawyers will also provide expert advice as to whether you should accept an offer or move towards a trial. If we do allow a case to go to trial, we will ensure that we do so with your best interests in mind.

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