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Getting charged with a drunk driving DUI can stay on your record and affect you for years. If you have been charged with a DUI in Lynnwood, WA, contact Russell & Hill, PLLC today by completing our free DUI evaluation form.

You may receive many different penalties due to a DUI conviction, including:

DUI Penalties

If you find yourself convicted of driving under the influence, it is important to take that very seriously. Our experienced lawyers are equipped to defend you against a drunk driving charge and more. Clients who face underage DUI, felony DUI, or drug possession charges will find themselves in the right hands.

  • Getting your driver’s license suspended or revoked depending on how many DUI’s you’ve had in the past
  • Getting sentenced to jail time and having to pay significant fines
  • Getting a criminal record that will hinder your future ability to get gainful employment
  • Having problems crossing the Canadian border
  • Having to get expensive, high-risk SR-22 insurance
  • Putting an ignition interlock system on your vehicle which requires you to do a BAC test in order for you to drive your car.

DUI Attorneys Defense Strategy

Receiving a DUI charge is incredibly stressful and upsetting, and without the right team defending you, it may follow you forever. Have a powerful team of experienced DUI attorneys back you instead. When it comes to every DUI case, we have a proven strategy that works. Our defense strategies include:

  • Thoroughly going through all the evidence against you. We even check into how the field sobriety tests were given to you and investigate the arresting officer’s training.
  • We find out if any medication or health condition you have would have altered the outcome of the testing. Some medications can cause false results on BAC tests.
  • We review the solutions that were used in the BAC testing material because it’s possible they weren’t in working order.
  • We review your prior driving record.
  • We work closely with you on how to talk during police interrogation so as to not further incriminate yourself.

The above strategy has worked for us time and time again. It allows us to reveal violations of your rights and find faulty evidence that’s being used against you.

How Our DUI Attorneys Can Help

At Russell & Hill, we have experienced attorneys who specialize in DUI defense cases and are the advocates you deserve. Our attorneys are trained in negotiating plea bargains and can give you advice whether to settle or not. If we are not satisfied with the proposed settlement, we are prepared to take your case to trial.

We work with you to help you keep your driver’s license and get the DUI charges lowered or dismissed entirely. If they cannot be dismissed, we are creative in finding solutions that keep you out of jail, such as work release programs, home monitoring, or alcohol abuse treatment programs.

Contact DUI Attorneys

Let our experienced DUI attorneys in Lynnwood manage your case. Call us at 888-920-3183 or fill out our online contact form today and get the representation you deserve.

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