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DUI Attorney

A marijuana DUI offense is a serious legal issue that can carry broad consequences for your life. Our team of highly-respected attorneys can help you fight your marijuana DUI charge in Lynnwood, Washington, and help you avoid or limit license suspension, fines, or even jail time in relation to your charge.

While cannabis became legal in the State of Washington in 2012, engaging in its use while operating a motor vehicle is illegal. Just as you can be charged with a DUI for drinking or using any other ability-altering drug while driving, a police officer can pull you over and charge you with a DUI for cannabis use while operating a motor vehicle.

Why You May Need A Lynnwood DUI Lawyer

With the change in accepting recreational cannabis use as legal, the courts in Washington attempted to set legal limits of ‘allowable’ THC in the bloodstream, much like the legal alcohol limits that are currently in place. This limit is five nanograms per milliliter of blood.

If you are found to be operating a motor vehicle with a blood concentration higher than this limit, you’re potentially facing serious penalties. You’ll need the help of a reliable and knowledgeable marijuana DUI attorney in Lynnwood who can guide you through the process, explain exactly what you are facing, and help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Defining a Marijuana DUI in Washington

Designing a marijuana DUI is not as easy as defining an alcohol DUI. While alcohol processes through most individuals in similar ways, marijuana is different. Despite several studies, science has not found an acceptable pattern in the way in which marijuana appears to affect those who use it.

It appears that marijuana affects individuals in vastly different ways, for reasons not clearly understood. Differences in strains, THC potency, or even ingestion methods have all been shown to have a profoundly wide range of effects on people.

When combined with the fact that THC can build in the body and is stored for a much longer time than alcohol, it becomes readily apparent that an individual who regularly uses marijuana can potentially have a blood concentration over the legal limit, even when they have not recently ingested any marijuana.

Possible Consequences of a Marijuana DUI

Like alcohol-related convictions, DUI charges for weed are a grave offense and bring a series of consequences in Lynnwood, Washington. Commonly faced penalties for marijuana DUIs include, but are not limited to:

  • Suspension of your driving license for up to 90 days
  • Time sentenced to either custodial jails or house arrest
  • Monetary fines of up to $5000
  • Being required to partake in regular drug and alcohol testing
  • Criminal probation with restrictions on movement for the duration
  • Required attendance to court-mandated rehabilitation and victim impact panels
  • Benefits of Working with a Marijuana DUI Attorney

While you might be thinking of representing yourself, a marijuana DUI lawyer will help improve your chances of achieving success in court. A seasoned attorney can potentially lower your fees, limit the amount of probation or jail time, lessen the period of time that your license will be suspended, and may even be able to have your case dismissed before your trial.

Courts in Lynnwood operate on a complicated structure, and DUI cases are no different. A caring attorney can help you manage the ins and outs of your individual case and achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Our attorneys understand marijuana DUI laws in Lynnwood. These laws are new and can be complicated to understand. While they may seem similar to traditional DUI charges, marijuana DUIs have their own set of rules for prosecution and sentencing. Our attorneys are fully vested in their knowledge of these laws and can help explain everything to you so you’ll feel confident as you make decisions regarding your case.

Analyzing the Different DUI Processes

As in any criminal charge, marijuana DUIs must be executed while following a process that details the exact actions a police officer must take. A DUI charge may require the conduction of a field sobriety test, receipt of paperwork and a full disclosure of your rights by the arresting officer. Any deviation from this set process could severely hinder the State’s case against you.

Our attorneys are ready to help you fight your case in Lynnwood, Washington. We pride ourselves on making it our mission to serve our client with ethical and fair legal representation that will get you out of the courtroom and back to your life.

If you already have a DUI conviction on your record, our attorneys can also help you navigate the complicated procedure of seeking removal of these instances. This process is generally difficult and requires a considerable amount of paperwork, but our attorneys have full knowledge of what to file to help you seek the removal of negative records.

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