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DUI Lawyer Snohomish

Being charged with a marijuana DUI offense is an issue that carries serious consequences, from the suspension of your license to fines and even jail time. Our criminal defense attorneys can help you fight a marijuana DUI charge in Snohomish, Washington, and give you the ability to get your life back on track.

When cannabis became legal in 2012, changes were made to Washington’s cannabis DUI laws. There are now legally accepted THC blood concentrations, which are currently five nanograms per milliliter of blood.

If you’re pulled over and concentrations higher than 5ng/mL are detected, you’re will be facing serious penalties. You need a reliable, knowledgeable marijuana DUI attorney on your side to help you navigate these relatively new laws.

Defining a Marijuana DUI in Snohomish

Legally, you can be charged with a marijuana DUI if a police officer discovers you’re operating a motor vehicle under the influence of cannabis. While recreational cannabis use is legal, driving while intoxicated, under any substance, is penalized by the law.

New laws and regulations have been introduced that recognize the recreational use of cannabis, and it is now possible to have a specific charge for driving while under the influence of cannabis, just as you can be charged for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Marijuana can vary tremendously in the effects that it produces in individuals. Different strains, THC concentrations, or even ingestion methods can cause a collection of distinct results. Combined with the personal aspects of mood and personality, the wide range of physical effects that marijuana can produce make it a very difficult substance for observers to detect.

Science has not come to a consensus regarding a distinct level of THC that impairs a person’s ability to drive. Studies have had conflicting results, with some showing that a person’s ability to drive is not hampered by high concentrations of THC while others show an increased likelihood of being involved in a motor vehicle accident while having low blood concentrations.

This is further complicated by the fact that THC remains in the human body for a long period of time, and habitual smokers may be well over the established legal limit even weeks after smoking. These are some of the reasons why DUIs for marijuana are trickier for prosecutors than traditional intoxication cases.

Possible Consequences of a Marijuana DUI

Like alcohol-related convictions, DUI charges for weed are a grave offense and bring a series of consequences in Snohomish, Washington. Commonly faced penalties for marijuana DUIs include, but are not limited to:

  • Driving license suspension
  • Jail time and/or house arrests
  • Fines of up to $5000
  • Regular drug and alcohol evaluations
  • Probation
  • Attend court-mandated rehabilitation and victim impact panels

Benefits of Working with a Marijuana DUI Attorney

Even if you prefer to represent yourself, working with a marijuana DUI lawyer will help you to improve your chances of success in court, lowering or even avoiding some of your potential penalties. In addition to this, having a seasoned legal advisor may save a substantial amount of time and money in the long run as you navigate the complicated court system.

A dependable marijuana DUI law firm can help your case.

Understand Marijuana DUI Laws

The laws regulating the legal specifics of Cannabis DUI are relatively new. Hiring a DUI lawyer can aid you in understanding all the different elements that can affect the outcome of your personal case. While cannabis DUIs do bear some similarities to traditional DUIs, an attorney that understands the differences cannabis DUI charges present can help you to build a strong case while setting realistic expectations for your case outcome.

Analyze the Different DUI Processes

Just like other arrests, DUIs for cannabis have a specific procedure that must be followed. Field sobriety tests, the administration of different paperwork, and the steps that officers must take to guarantee your rights can affect your case. A quality law firm can identify faulty parts of the arrest, booking, or testing process to potentially get your case dismissed.

Reduce the Time You Spend in a Courtroom

One of the most frustrating parts of being charged with a weed DUI is having to take the time out of your schedule to attend court dates. A professional attorney can help you reduce the amount of time that you spend in the courtroom, minimizing the disruptions you suffer in both your personal and professional life.

Removing the DUI from Your Record

A DUI conviction on your record is never a positive thing for you to carry. DUI convictions are recorded on your criminal record, and removing them can take a considerable amount of work.

An attorney understands the removal process and can help you review and pursue your options for clearing your record.

Decrease License Suspension Time

If you’re convicted of a cannabis DUI, your license can be suspended for up to 90 days. While there are several factors involved in deciding how long your license will be suspended, your DUI attorney can help you find ways in which to reduce the time.

Save Your Money In the Long Run

Fighting any DUI can be a long, tedious process that can be very expensive. A knowledgeable attorney can guide your decision-making processes and help reduce the amount of money you spend while fighting your case.

Contact Russell & Hill Today

Finding the right legal assistance will help improve your chances of a positive outcome while resolving your cannabis DUI case in Snohomish, Washington.

Get in touch with our team of seasoned marijuana DUI attorneys by contacting Russell & Hill, PLLC.

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