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At Russell and Hill, PLLC, we provide premises liability accident attorney services to clients in Oregon and Washington. Our team of experienced legal representatives offer services throughout Spokane, Everett, Vancouver, and Portland. If you believe you have been involved in a premises liability accident, contact our team of attorneys today. Fill out our free premises liability accident consultation form, or give us a call at 509-204-9701 to schedule a free consultation.

Premises Liability Attorneys in Spokane

Spokane Premises Liability Attorneys You Can Trust

Premise liability claims can be confusing. When an accident happens due to public or private property, victims don’t receive documentation proving the incident. Unlike auto accidents, police rarely visit the scene, leaving many unanswered questions. Who is at fault? What type of insurance covers the accident? Has the insurance being purchased? Have the premiums been paid? How should one pursue a claim for damages and losses suffered?

Experienced Trip and Fall Accident Attorneys in Spokane

Our team of premises liability attorneys have resolved numerous claims over the years. We can help you achieve justice and get compensation for the injuries you suffered as a result of the accident. Your have the right to claim compensation for current and future medical bills, lost wages, inability to work, and suffering, and our job is to help you claim what is rightfully yours.

An early investigation is the key to any successful premises liability case. You need to contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as you’re injured. We can begin to work immediately to:

  • Obtain sworn statements while memories are still fresh
  • Locate witnesses
  • Document your injuries
  • Work with insurance investigators so that your account of the incident is recorded and available for future uses in settlement negotiations or trial

Premises liability accidents can be filed against homeowners, businesses, government agencies, contractors, employers, and more. They can have many causes, which include:

  • Poorly built or repaired stairs, and other structures
  • Careless removal of ice, snow, water, and other slippery liquids
  • Poorly designed porches, decks, hallways, stairs, etc.
  • Slippery parking lots
  • Potholes in parking lots
  • Dog bites
  • Deviations of grade on roads, sidewalks, parks, and other surfaces
  • Trip and fall accident
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Unsafe sidewalks and roads
  • Poorly designed curbs and public rest stops

To learn more about our premises liability attorney services in Spokane, contact Russell and Hill, PLLC. You can reach us at 855-212-9165 or by filling out free premises liability accident consultation form to schedule a free consultation. Contact us today!

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Jim Hill is amazing!! I recommend russel&hill 100% I only had to meet with them a couple of times, he took care of everything for me and got a way better settlement than I was expecting. There super nice and easy to work with, they get back to you pretty quickly. I had a great experience with russel&hill (:

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