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At Russell & Hill PLLC, we offer quality premises liability attorney services in Snohomish and throughout surrounding areas. Our team of experienced and dedicated attorneys have offices in Everett, Spokane, Portland, and Vancouver. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation, and learn more about premises liability claims by filling out our online premises liability accident consultation form or call us at 360-245-6417.

Premises Liability Attorneys in Snohomish

When accidents occur in public or private properties, things can get very confusing. Unlike motorcycle or car collisions, police rarely show up on the scene of the accident. Injured people are usually left with no documentation of the incident and many unanswered questions. Whose fault is it? Does insurance cover the accident? Has the insurance been purchased? Has the premium been paid? How do I go about filing a claim?

Experienced Snohomish Trip-and-Fall Attorneys in Snohomish

At Russell & Hill PLLC, our attorneys have successfully resolved many premises liability claims. We provide the assistance you need to achieve justice for the injuries that came as a result of the accident. Our team of attorneys will work to win the financial compensation you need and deserve in order to quickly facilitate your recovery.

Beginning the investigation right away is a pivotal part of assembling an unshakable case. If your accident results in an injury, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney early on. At Russell & Hill PLLC, we begin to work immediately so we can 1) contact and locate eyewitnesses, 2) obtain sworn statements while memories are still fresh, 3) document all your injuries, and 4) work with the insurance company investigators. Starting our work immediately ensures that your statement of the accident is recorded, and available later on during trial or settlement negotiations.

Premises liability claims can occur for a huge number of reasons. They can be filed against contractors, businesses, homeowners, government agencies, and more. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Unsafe roads and sidewalks
  • Careless removal of ice and snow
  • Poorly built or repaired stairs and other structures
  • Slip and fall accidents on ice
  • Deviations of grade on sidewalks, roads and other surfaces
  • Dog bites
  • Tripping accidents / Trip and fall
  • Slip and fall accident on poorly built or repaired stairs, hallways, decks and porches
  • Accidents in snowy parking lots and potholes
  • Accidents involving curbs and public rest stops

If you want to learn more about how we can help with your premises liability case in Snohomish, contact Russell & Hill PLLC today. Our team of experienced lawyers will be more than happy to help pursue compensation for your premises liability claim, so you can focus on making a prompt recovery. Give us a call at 360-245-6417 or fill out our online premises liability accident form to schedule a free consultation today. Contact us now!

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