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Everett Spokane Seattle

Rollover accidents, where a vehicle rolls over or tips onto its side or roof, can be seen not only in movies but also on the roads and highways of Seattle. In Washington state and all across the United States, rollover accidents contribute to a high fatality rate. This type of car accident can lead to broken necks, brain injuries, back injury, internal bleeding, paralysis, and other life-threatening injuries, especially when the accident occurs at high speeds.

Usually, victims of rollover accidents or family members of the victim who died in the accident benefit from being represented by a Seattle rollover accident attorney. Given that the other motorist is very likely to blame you for the rollover accident, the importance of collecting evidence and building a strong legal case cannot be overstated.

Causes of rollover accidents

Here at Russell & Hill, PLLC, our skilled car accident lawyers represent victims of rollover vehicle accidents, which are most commonly caused by the following five factors:

  1. Turns. When a vehicle is traveling at a high speed and turns abruptly, the vehicle is very likely to lose traction and can flip or rollover.
  2. Ramps. When two wheels on the same side of a vehicle climb up on an incline, it can lead to a rollover crash.
  3. Skids. When a vehicle loses traction, it is more likely to slip and roll over or tips onto its side or roof. This type of incident usually occurs off-road or when the roads are wet, slippery, or icy due to weather conditions such as snow and rain.
  4. Spins. When a vehicle hits a solid object on the ground, it is very likely to spin out or rollover.
  5. Collision. When a vehicle collides with another vehicle, it can slip or rollover.

Unfortunately, if it was your car that rolled over but there was another party involved, the other motorist may blame poor road conditions or bad weather conditions or argue that you lost control of your vehicle due to negligence. Although a vehicle can roll over due to negligence on the part of the motorist driving that vehicle, in many cases, the other motorist can be held liable for the rollover accident if it can be proven that the other driver’s negligent acts caused or contributed to the crash.

Who can be blamed for a rollover accident?

Our experienced rollover accident attorney in Seattle says that apart from the other motorist, the following parties may be held responsible for your rollover accident:

  1. Auto manufacturer if you can prove that your vehicle had a manufacturing or design defect;
  2. Auto mechanic if you can prove that your auto mechanic failed to conduct proper inspection and maintenance of your vehicle during routine inspection and maintenance; and
  3. A public or government entity (city, county, or municipality) that owns, controls, and maintains the road or highway where the accident occurred may be held liable for your injuries if the accident was caused by a pothole, cracked or uneven pavement, or any other bad road condition that should have been remedied by the public or government agency that owns, controls, and maintains this road or highway.

If you have been injured in a rollover accident, do not hesitate to contact an experienced car accident lawyer to determine liable parties and recover damages by filing a personal injury or wrongful death (if your loved one died in a rollover accident) claim or lawsuit. Contact Russell & Hill, PLLC, to schedule a free consultation today. Call at 206-880-7703.

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