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Experiencing a personal injury is an awful experience, and it can be life-altering in the worst of ways. The pain of the injury itself, the time needed to recover and the lost wages from having to miss work while recovering all take a toll on the quality of life of the injury victim. This is all the more compounded when the injury could have been prevented—but someone else was negligent. However, people who experienced personal injuries due to another party’s negligence have the right to seek the recovery of damages in civil court, and those damages could be awarded to them in the form of financial compensation. Which money cannot change the fact that you were injured, it can go a long way toward easing the financial burden experienced by injured people buried by medical bills without any means of paying them.

Personal injury can happen anywhere

Personal injuries can be experienced by anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Whether you are at work or at home or commuting from one to the other, the possibility that you could be injured because of another person’s negligence always exists. Sadly, there is never a guarantee that one will be safe from harm in any given place.

Common personal injury case types

We have seen a variety of case types in our legal practice. Some common personal injury scenarios include:

If you or a family member have experienced a personal injury and want to learn more about the options available to you under the law, contact an attorney at Russell & Hill, PLLC to learn about the process of filing a claim in civil court.

Establishing liability in personal injury cases

If a person is injured and their injury was preventable but occurred because of another person’s negligence, the negligent party can be held liable—or legally accountable—for the harm that came to the injury victim. The liable party may be compelled by the civil courts to pay out a cash award to the victim in order to compensate for their pain and suffering, loss of wages, and coverage of medical costs stemming from the injury.

Our firm specializes in personal injury litigation

If you need a personal injury attorney in Seattle, you want to hire a lawyer who gets real results. At Russell & Hill, PLLC, our track record speaks for itself. We have helped many clients recover significant awards in personal injury cases, and we can help you too. We do our work on a fee-contingency basis, meaning we do not charge our attorney fees until your case has been brought to a favorable resolution and you have cash in hand. If you were hurt due to another party’s negligence and want to explore your legal options, call us today for a free consultation.

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