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Everett Spokane Seattle

FedEx and UPS delivery trucks have become such an integral part of our lives that no one even bats an eye when they see FedEx and UPS trucks on the road or highway anymore. In fact, motorists in Seattle and other cities in Washington state have even gotten used to the scenario when a FedEx or UPS delivery truck is blocking the road while the driver delivers packages.

As an increasing number of Americans rely on deliveries, we are seeing a rising number of FedEx and UPS delivery trucks on U.S. roads. Unfortunately, with so many FedEx and UPS trucks on the road, the likelihood of being hit by one of those delivery trucks increases tenfold for several reasons.

First and foremost, despite the rigorous safety training that both FedEx and UPS require for their delivery truck drivers, cases in which inexperienced or unqualified drivers fail to operate these trucks safely are not unheard of in Seattle or elsewhere in Washington.

“Also, a large percentage of car accidents involving FedEx and UPS delivery trucks are caused by drowsy and fatigued driving, because these drivers have to work in a stressful environment under constant pressure,” explains our Seattle FedEx and UPS delivery truck accident attorney at Russell & Hill, PLLC.

FedEx and UPS delivery truck accidents in Seattle

Both FedEx and UPS use tens of thousands of delivery trucks and vans to deliver tens of millions of packages each day. Most of these delivery trucks and vans log billions of miles each year on U.S. roads and highways, which is an indication of how likely you are to encounter a UPS or FedEx delivery truck driver who is speeding, failing to maintain a safe distance, running red lights, failing to yield the right of way, performing a U-turn or any other dangerous maneuver just to deliver an envelope or package as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, as many FedEx and UPS drivers work seven days a week to keep up with the ever-increasing demand, the risk of getting into a car crash caused by a FedEx or UPS delivery truck is extremely high. Given that the delivery trucks and vans operated by both FedEx and UPS are much larger in size compared to passenger cars, these accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and often result in death.

Causes of car accidents involving FedEx and UPS drivers

If you drive a car in Seattle or elsewhere in Washington state, you have most likely seen at least one FedEx or UPS delivery truck that was parked in the middle of the road, blocking traffic or even causing collisions. This is not the only instance of how FedEx and UPS delivery truck drivers violate traffic laws and endanger the lives of other motorists and pedestrians.

Our experienced FedEx and UPS delivery truck accident attorney in Seattle explains that these accidents can also be caused by the following negligent and dangerous behaviors:

  • Failure to properly secure, fasten, and load cargo
  • Failure to set the parking brake when stopping the delivery truck to deliver a package
  • Failure to yield the right of way at an intersection
  • Failure to slow down to adjust to road or weather conditions
  • Failure to see other vehicles due to blind spots
  • Unsafely changing lanes or performing a U-turn
  • Getting distracted by the GPS system, cell phone, or engaging in other distracting activity
  • Inability to focus on the road or stay vigilant of one’s surroundings due to fatigue, exhaustion, and lack of sleep
  • Speeding or running red lights in order to deliver packages faster
  • Failure to maintain a safe distance and
  • Aggressive or reckless driving

Here at Russell & Hill, PLLC, our skilled car accident lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to help victims of car crashes caused by FedEx or UPS delivery truck drivers to seek compensation for their injuries and damages. You will be expected to jump through bureaucratic hurdles when filing a personal injury claim against a FedEx or UPS driver, which is why consulting with a Seattle FedEx and UPS accident lawyer is definitely a good idea to protect your legal rights and ensure that you are getting the maximum compensation that you deserve. Call our offices at 206-880-7703 for a free case evaluation.

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